From the entrepreneurial spirit of the Grossule brothers, the same name carpentry born in 1983. The experience gained in 30 years, the innovative spirit, dedication and passion that have always characterized the brand Grossule, have allowed the company to grow steadily and to penetrate the market as a reliable reference for the electromechanical industry in general.

The company manufactures cabinets, consoles and metal cases, in many executions and sizes (even non-standard design to customer) and boasts of the most important international approval mark.

Modernly equipped with highly automated production, the company Grossule extends a few miles south of Verona, on a total area of 10.000 m2, of which 6.000 m2 are covered with a new production unit with adjoining offices, and 4.000 m2 as a parking area / loading and unloading facilities.

The highly automated production processes, the constant control of product quality, provided the finished goods inventory and speed of delivery, make it a safe and reliable partner in automation, distribution and control apparatus.